Custom Cakes That Come in Many Mouthwatering Flavors



These are the flavours beyond Vanilla or Chocolate. These are the flavours that make all your cake wishes come true!


  • the Perfect Chocolate Cake!

    Our truly moist Chocolate cake is layered with sweet, fluffy chocolate mousse. For the true Chocolate lover in all of us 😋

  • Very Vanilla

    Our Classic & Simple Vanilla Cake. This lovely cake is filled with our fluffy and delicious Bavarian cream.

  • Oreo cookies n' cream

    Our perfectly delicious Chocolate cake is paired perfectly with sweet vanilla  icing and  everyone's favourite Oreo Cookies !!!

  • Funfetti

    Nothing says “Party” like this Fun Confetti cake with its vanilla mousse filling & delicious buttercream icing.

  • Chocolate Peanut Butter

    Our favourite chocolate cake is paired with our amazing peanut butter filling and finished with sweet chocolate icing.

  • Strawberries and cream

    🍓 lovely layers of  our light vanilla cake filled with a deliciously creamy, whipped strawberry filling.

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cake

    Once again, Our delicious chocolate cake but this time... filled with and incredible layer of edible chocolate chip cookie dough! You gotta try this!

  • White chocolate cake

    Here's where our lovely vanilla cake meets a delicious White Chocolate mousse filling. Lovely, lovely and airy! Perfect!

  • Raspberry truffle cake

    Luxurious layers of our moist chocolate cake, are spread with a sweet raspberry puree & topped our light and lovely chocolate mousse.

  • Raspberry lemonade cake

    Light layers of lemon cake become enriched with a sweet raspberry filling.

  • Salted caramel

    Layers of seriously delicious buttery cake are soaked with salted caramel sauce and then filled with the most amazing caramel frosting

  • Lime Blueberry

    The most perfect layers of lime curd are generously dotted with  blueberries and become the filling between layers of soft and lovely, vanilla cake

  • Kick-in’ Carrot Cake

    A “Make a Wish Cakes” favourite made with fresh carrots, toasted pecans, coconut, pineapple and a hint of orange Filled and frosted with cream cheese buttercream

  • Pumpkin spice cake

    A perfect fall cake with its bold hints of ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon. Pair perfectly with the most delicious cream cheese filling. An excellent choice for fall weddings🍂

  • Lovin' it Lemon

    Delicious layers of lemon cake, alternate with fresh lemon curd & light and lovely lemon mousse. A Lemon Lover's Delight ❤️

  • Red velvet and cream cheese

    The southern classic red velvet cake. Deliciously moist layers of stunning red velvet cake are filled and topped with luscious cream cheese icing.

  • caramel Banana

    A classic Banana cake is spread with our house caramel sauce & filled with a fluffy caramel frosting

  • Pink Champagne

    This pretty pink cake, with its moist rosé infused layers and delicious raspberry filling. Becomes the perfect choice for weddings, engagement parties or anniversaries

    Features Unapologetically Pink Rosé by Dark Horse Estate Wineries